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We are dedicated and experienced marketers that will use our full arsenal of knowledge to make sure you succeed.

Impulse Media’s dedicated staff will work to help you capitalize on previously unexplored revenue-generating programs.  We will connect you to marketing opportunities and services with our trusted partners, and we will strive every day to reward your decision to work with us.

  • Your customer database is a hot commodity to direct mail marketers and they are willing to pay you top dollar for the privilege of mailing to it.  By renting your customer database to various direct marketers, Impulse Media Inc can turn this untapped profit center into a substantial source of additional revenue.
  • There is absolutely no cost to you for list marketing services.
  • List marketing is one the most lucrative, risk free “aftermarket products” available to direct marketers today!
  • Every order is sent to you with a sample mailing piece for review and approval. No rental will be fulfilled prior to obtaining your approval.
  • You retain ownership of every name rented and no name can be sold transferred, copied or otherwise duplicated without your written consent
  • Every major direct marketer has their database available for rental and is enjoying the additional income list marketing generates…shouldn’t you?

Impulse Media Inc holds impressive credentials in researching and preparing list brokerage recommendations and offers prompt professional service to ensure client timetables. All list recommendations are individually prepared, based on our client’s offer, detailed list research, and our extensive knowledge of the list rental marketplace. We know the “hot” lists and the “cold” list companies. All recommendations include data cards, samples and up to the minute usage showing both continuations and recent tests. We work closely with our clients in all aspects of their mailing: timing, quantity, selections, evaluation of results, etc… Our knowledgeable brokerage staff is unsurpassed in providing thorough and courteous customer satisfaction at all levels of our organization. Our list brokerage personnel are experienced dedicated professionals trained to think “outside the envelope.”

  • Every order you ship presents another opportunity to generate additional revenue. By allowing direct marketers to insert their advertisements into your outgoing packages you can reap the rewards of an additional $ .15+ per package, offsetting postage costs and bringing exciting new offers to your customers.
  • Every insertion order is sent to you with a sample insert for review and approval. No piece will be inserted prior to obtaining your approval.
  • ImpulseMedia Inc works directly with the fulfillment house to oversee and monitor the insertion process along with the weights and sizes of inserts to ensure no additional postage costs are incurred.
  • Acquiring a customer is one of the most expensive tasks a direct marketer will ever face. So now that you’ve got them you need to keep in constant contact offering them new and exciting products and services.  All of this can be accomplished with a targeted well thought out outbound telemarketing campaign.
  • Along with our preferred partners, Impulse Media Inc has designed and implemented numerous outbound telemarketing campaigns for our clients.
  • Using our highly trained sales staff we can systematically contact your customers offering additional products, generate a re-order, or call to learn more about your customer and the products they are interested in.
  • Working in a revenue share environment is an added incentive to our TR’s and there are no out-of-pocket costs to you.  If our TR’s can’t close the sale we don’t get paid, period.
  • Customer loyalty and brand recognition is extremely important in capturing additional sales dollars from your customer base and outbound telemarketing is the ideal tool to accomplish this.

Getting your message out to the right audience is key to acquiring and maintaining customers. Make sure the people looking for you can find you.

Through our connection to many preferred partnerships, we can offer call center services, copywriting, creative, printing, lettershop and merge/purge services to our clients.

Over the years of working with Impulse Media, my business and knowledge of the industry has grown tremendously. Their experience and expertise in the direct response space extends to their vast network of trusted industry sources and vendors. Impulse doesn't just take you on as a client, they guide you as if they were a partner, helping you achieve new levels of success. I can honestly say that Joe Russo and the staff at Impulse Media have played an integral part in my business growth and success over the years and would highly recommend them to everyone with a direct marketing project.

Barbara Cadieux Owner, C2U Marketing

I have worked with Impulse for over 15 years. I couldn’t be happier with their performance and service. Joe Russo is a hands on owner who is always there to help in any way and that goes for everyone at Impulse.

David Pourmand President, Coastline Products LLC

I've worked with several list brokers and management companies and Impulse is the best one I've ever worked with. They aggressively market my lists for rentals and are very diligent about locating the best lists for my companies to rent that match my offers and customer profiles as closely as possible. They are also prompt to respond and pleasant to work with. I highly recommend them.

Paul Lawrence Owner, Naturecast Products, Real Bull Man, Inc.

“Smile spoke total few great had never their too. Amongst moments do in arrived at my replied. Fat weddings servants but man believed prospect.“

I just want to say Erin is top notch at Impulse Media and has been extremely helpful in recommending what lists to use for my offer. I consider her family because every time I have a question or need help she answers immediately. The very important thing I treasure is I know she has my best interests at heart and looks for lists that would really help me in my business. Her help has been extremely valuable to me in searching for lists.

Wayne Ross Ross Publications

We’ve developed a great relationship with Impulse Media over the years and have nothing but good things to say about them! From their quick delivery of data to the quality of data we are provided, working with them has helped Redeo grow dramatically.

Christine Valente Director of Operations, Redeo Ltd.

Impulse Media has a wide selection of high-performing, direct-response mailing lists. Highly recommend their services.

Frank Ward

impulse media has changed the game for my company
Great service
fresh leads
Taken my business ROI to new levels

Justin Vandermuelen