Wow We Have Been Busy!

2013 has been exceptional for us here at Impulse Media! We continue to be the industry leader in list marketing & list brokerage in the diet, health, DRTV and male supplement markets.

Brix Male Virility Canada
These Canadian Male Vitality Buyers have discovered virility miracles for themselves. Buyers have purchased either a safe and powerful 100% all natural aphrodisiac, concentrated in a single pill or a fast acting male performance gel.

Cyvita Male Enhancement
With the Cyvita Male Enhancement file you will reach spontaneous male buyers who will stop at nothing to improve their sex lives by increasing strength, stamina and performance. all to please their partners.

Comprised of mostly females, ExcelaTrim Diet Buyers are looking for the latest in diet, exercise and health products. ExcelaTrim Diet Buyers are not only looking to lose weight quickly, but also to improve their health, youthfulness and energy.

High Value
Canadian Health

Reach responsive Canadian buyers who have purchased various health supplements via direct mail. On average these buyers are spending ove $100 to receive quality natural health, diet and male enhancement supplements.

MSA Discreet Sound Amplifier
MSA 30x Discreet Sound Amplifier is one of the hottest sound amplifiers on the market, targeting mature men and women looking to spend money on safe, affordable products that will make their lives easier and more enjoyable.

Buyers on the Ontel Products DRTV Masterfile have purchased some of today’s most popular health/beauty, children’s products, pet care, general merchandise and exercise equipment available through DRTV and the Web. OnTel Products offer something for everyone.

Reach responsive DRTV buyers with Prevoxin Diet Buyers. Buyers of Prevoxin are looking to lose weight and transform their bodies safely and effectively.

These image conscious DRTV buyers purchase quality products and services that make them look younger, confident and more attractive.

Prolexin Virility
Prolexin Virility Buyers are looking to spice up their sex life by increasing their overall sexual energy, stamina and sex drive. These male virility buyers are interested in finding additional products to help them feel and perform their best in the bedroom. 

These impulsive, mostly female diet buyers are looking to improve their diet, fitness levels, and overall health by purchasing products either by calling an 800 number or visiting a website.

Senior Life Digest
More than half of this file are direct mail sold buyers over the age of 70 looking to improve their health and well being with supplements that will fight all signs of aging.

SkinDM Anti-Aging
These female anti-aging buyers are looking for more than what the common anti-aging creams available can offer. These impulsive health & beauty buyers want to bring back their youth and are willing to spend money on products to help them do just that.

Slimmer You Diet
Slimmer You Diet Buyers are impulsive, mostly female buyers eager to lose weight and transform their bodies safely and effectively.

Spark Innovations
Reach a responsive audience of spontaneous infomercial buyers who have purchased via DRTV with Spark Innovators. Spark Innovators features a variety of products including Cafe Cups and Page Brite.

Team Innovations
Impulsive, mostly female buyers have called a toll free number after hearing a radio spot promoting diet, weight loss and energy products by Team Innovations Labs.

These spontaneous health buyers are looking for quality products and services that will reduce stress and make them more focused, energized and positive.